New mixtape : old and new stuff – all vinyl!

I am playing in Kat’s club for Valentine’s day tomorrow along with my friend James Martin and am quite excited about it. As usual when I am about to play a gig. In addition, I booked my tickets for a brand new festival in south Tunisia: Les Dunes Electroniques

This is why I recorded this small mixtape by selecting vinyls I bought recently and mixing them with classic French 80s tunes…

Here is the link:

And the playlist :

Speciale dedicace pour Darkmel ma sista de musique, de cuisine et de Corse

Jad Wio – Version X du Beauty & the Beast
Kas Product – Shoop shoop
Unovidual & Tara Cross – Like I am/Comme je suis
Tristesse Contemporaine – Fire (Kaspr Bjorke Remix)
The Asphodells – Beglammered (Richard Sen Remix)
Margot – Magico Disco
Superpitcher – Baby’s on fire
Tambien – Indignados
Bot’ox – Basement Love (Richard Fearless Remix)
Daniel Avery – These nights never end
Boyz in the Oud – Cosmic Arab
Munk – Misterio
Lindstrom – Vos-Sakov-Rv (Todd Terje edit dub version)
Jan Hammer Group – Don’t you know
Joakim – Heartbeat



Mix @ Eschloraque Berlin January 2013







Here is a minimix inspired by our fantastic weekend in Berlin for Aurélie Lili’s Birtuday…


Mix @ Eschloraque Berlin January 2013


Back in Berlin in january : Eschloraque Rümschrümp will host Firtsiche Party

Disco-funk obession : Dutch disco at its best!


The last day of disco : back in the club for my birthday!


The Magician aka Julian Samut, what a f*** DJ!

His background is shrouded in mystery, his powers are supernatural and his reputation is whispered about among men. He goes by different names, his real name is Julian Samut, but folks just call him The Magician. Image
One night not so long ago, he appeared from a place between space and time. The Magician stepped into this world, materializing in a cloud of crystal stars and soft pink smoke. Some say he is the guardian angel of all resident DJ’s, others claim he’s a former airline pilot who crashed an afterparty – some say it’s just an illusion, a well performed hoax. But is it really?
Everywhere The Magician goes, there’s music in the air. People come under his spell and dance like there’s no tomorrow. Lost in a purple haze, transfixed in a flurry of white doves. He makes clubbers float through disco heaven and takes them around the house on a magic carpet ride. Behind his green translucent eyes, there’s an unlimited knowledge of the musical past, present and future.

The Magician shifts shapes in a heartbeat and appears all throughout the world. One moment he’s sprinkling space dust on the Balearic isles, next he’s performing his rhythmic hocus pocus between the smoke and mirrors of a glitzy nightclub in Santiago or Moscow. When he vanishes, the only proof of his existence The Magician leaves are his ‘magic tapes’, a sample of his magnetising skills.

No magic wand or top hat needed, it’s all in his wizardly mind and flexible fingertips. The Magician has more than one trick up his sleeve though; word has it that the mystery man is working on a special formula to transform the musical workings of others – and don’t be amazed if, one day, he perfects his craft and creates his very own brand of spectral sounds.

Forget that Potter kid, Gandalf or Merlin, and get ready for a new chapter in the world of wonder and bewitchment. Get ready for The Magician!

Aloha for Friends Summer 2011

All rite chumz! I had to hurry up coz there’s a new release soon… We dunno if it’s a boy or a girl but this will be plain pleasure… We’ll be 4, read my lips, F.O.U.R! To celebrate, please enjoy this new selection and enjoy new electro sounds as well as a few guilty pleasures…

14 tracks that I love from Zwicker, Metronomy, Telonius & Prince, Michael Mayer, Get a room, Coma, Wolf & Lamb feat. Soul Clap, Tim Paris, Yuksek, Mattias Aguayo, Supermen Lovers and Mike Simonetti

Follow the link :